How to Help Your Pet Recover from Spay or Neuter Surgery

Although it’s routine, spay and neuter surgery is still a major medical procedure that requires some extra care during recovery. It’s never easy to see your furry friend experiencing pain or discomfort, but with a few accommodations, you can make your pet’s recovery smooth and comfortable! Here are some things you can do to help your pet recover from spay or neuter surgery:

Recovery a Breeze with an E-Collar from Acorn Pet Products

Follow Your Vet’s Post-Op Instructions

When your pet is discharged from the vet, don’t be alarmed if they are a bit groggy or slightly disoriented! This is typical and could last up to 24 hours. Your vet will have specific post-op feeding and watering instructions, but you will likely be limiting their access to food. Your vet may prescribe some pain medication for your pet and will instruct you on how and when to dispense it.

It is important to note you should NEVER give your pet human medications. If at any point you become concerned about your pet’s behavior or have questions about medications, it’s a good idea to reach out to your vet!

Select the Right E Collar for Your Pet:

A protective collar, a.k.a. the ‘cone of shame,’ is a must-have for post-op pet recovery! Luckily, our options today aren’t limited to the traditional Elizabethan collars of the past.

The Inflatable E Collar is the least disruptive to your pet’s lifestyle while still offering protection~ The lower profile design even allows your pet to eat and drink, maneuver with ease, and doesn’t limit their peripheral vision.

A Soft E Collar provides more of a barrier to your pet’s incision site while maintaining comfort and flexibility. Some pets are persistent when it comes to licking or biting their incision site and a sturdier pet recovery cone might be necessary.

There are many different options when it comes to a plastic cat or dog e-collar, but we made ours with your pet’s comfort and recovery in mind. Lightweight, adjustable, and equipped with a pocket for our calming disks, the Calming E-Collar is a gentle way to give your pet the protection they need!

Restrict Your Pet’s Exercise for 10-14 Days:

Spay and neuter surgery is an invasive procedure, and it’s important to keep a realistic recovery window in mind. Expect to limit your pet’s exercise and exertion for 10-14 days, or as prescribed by your veterinarian. This can be difficult for rambunctious younger pets, but it’s so important to give their surgery site time to heal completely before returning to normal activities.

Some pets (dogs, especially) can become anxious or stressed when they don’t get their regular daily exercise. We know it’s hard to encourage your pup to rest when they’re begging to go for their walk, but it is important. Introducing a calming product such as an essential oil calming collar or calming treats can be just what your pet needs during this stressful time.

Monitor Your Pet’s Pain Levels Following Surgery:

Your vet may prescribe pain medication for your pet, although some do not. It can vary on a case-by-case basis. You don’t want your pet to experience pain, but a little bit of discomfort can help restrict your pet’s activity. When humans undergo major surgery, they take it easy until they’re healed. Unfortunately, our pets don’t always know how to do that. If you are concerned about your pet’s pain level, simply call your veterinarian to discuss your pet’s best options!

Keep a Close Eye on the Incision Site:

You’ll need to keep a close eye on your pet’s incision site. Check their incision twice daily for swelling, redness, and heat. Bathing and swimming are off-limits until the incision is totally healed. Antibacterial topical cream can help promote healthy healing at the incision site. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to have some on hand for minor cuts and scrapes!

When you’re waiting for your best friend to heal, fourteen days can feel like an eternity. Just remember, following your vet’s directions and providing proper post-op care for your pet is the quickest road to recovery!

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