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Healing Care for Seasonal Allergies

It’s that time of the year again! The birds are chirping, plants are blooming and… seasonal allergies are in full swing! If your dog suffers from hot spots or itchy, uncomfortable skin, you know it’s no walk in the park. Luckily, a cone can promote healing and get your pup back on track for a healthy and happy summer.

Heal the Itch

Use a Cone to Prevent Further Irritation:

When our dogs have an itch, they scratch it. This becomes a problem when the itching is persistent and the frequent scratching, biting, and licking cause skin irritation. The first step toward your pup’s comfort is to heal these irritated sites, but that’s easier said than done when all they want to do is scratch! Using a cone can prevent your dog from reaching its affected areas and allow the wounds to heal.


E-Collars (short for Elizabethan Collars, and also known as “the cone of shame”) are what most people think of when they imagine dog collars. Their tall, sturdy sides provide the most coverage and will keep even the most determined dogs from reaching their itchy spots. If your dog tends to lick or chew on their paws or scratch their ears, an e-collar will give their irritated sites time to heal. If your pup is an avid licker, biter, or scratcher, the traditional e-collar might be the best approach. We know that “the cone of shame” isn’t the most popular accessory among our canine buddies, so we created ours to be as comfortable as possible. Our Calming E Collar provides all of the protection of a traditional E collar but is intended to be used with our Calming Disks for added calming benefits.

Soft E-Collars:

The soft E collar is a more comfortable, less rigid approach to healing. It is shaped similar to the traditional e-collar, but as the name suggests, the sides are soft. The range of protection provided by a soft e-collar is slightly less than a traditional e-collar, but it is more comfortable for daily wear. Dogs can also eat and drink while wearing a soft e-collar and are less likely to run into things.

Inflatable E-Collars:

Inflatable E-collars are ideal for casual allergy sufferers. They provide protection and will deter your pet from licking or biting affected areas on their hindquarters or legs, but if your pup has itchy ears or paws, they still may be able to reach them. The inflatable e-collar is the least inhibitive of all e-collars and will allow your dog to go about their day as normal.

Recovery Vests:

As helpful as any different type of cone can be, sometimes they just aren’t enough to protect your pup’s irritated spots. Recovery vests are ideal for covering areas of the body that your dog tries to scratch that a traditional cone would not keep those pesky paws away from. The Calm Paws Recovery Vest is a great way to easily cover the bulk of your pet’s body and keep those pesky claws away from the itch site.

Treat the Site:

When you know your pup is uncomfortable, relief can’t come soon enough. Once you’ve prevented your dog from further irritating their skin, a wound cream can help soothe the itch. Our Recovery Wound Cream cleans the area around the wound, kills infection-causing bacteria, and speeds up healing.
Nothing kills a fun summer vibe quicker than seasonal allergies. With a little bit of care the right calming products, your pup can get back to their fun in the sun! Visit our website to check out our complete line of calming pet products that will help keep your dog happy and healthy!

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