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Essential Oil for Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

Suns out, tongues out! Summertime is here and we’re excited for another season of fun in the sun with our favorite companions… but this season isn’t a walk in the park for every dog. If your dog is one of the many that suffer from seasonal allergies or the summertime itchies, you’ll want to add our COOL essential oil to your pup’s doggy bag.

COOL The Itch

Ingredients Sourced from Local and Regional Farms:

Formulated with your dog in mind, we created COOL to help soothe and comfort your dog’s itchy skin. German chamomile contains anti-inflammatory benefits which can help reduce your dog’s skin reaction to allergens and almond oil (the carrier oil) is great for dry and itchy skin. The scent is pleasant and mild, so it won’t overpower your pup’s hypersensitive sense of smell.
When it comes to the products we use on our pups, quality matters. That’s why every oil supplier is always required to provide mass spectrometry and gas chromatography (to analyze each oil for composition) and organoleptic, microbial, and heavy metal testing on each new shipment of oil.

Using COOL Essential Oil for Your Dog:

COOL is made to deliver quick, effective topical relief to even the most stubborn itching. To use COOL on your dog, simply apply 4-5 drops to your fingertips and give your BFF (best furry friend) a nice rub-down on their itchy areas.
As always, our essential oils are made from 100% natural oils and blended to be safe and effective for canine use. Visit our website to learn more and see our complete line of essential oils.

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