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Your dog was thankful for that turkey leg that hit the floor… until the tummy ache set in. TUMMY essential oil will have your pup feeling all the gratitude in the world again.

Thanksgiving with Your Dog

A giant feast and all of their favorite humans? Sounds like an ideal howl-iday for most dogs! No family celebration is complete without our furry family members, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Avoid a Thanksgiving fiasco with a few simple tips.

Calming an anxious pet:

Stressed about hosting those distant relatives you only see once a year? You might not be alone. Even the friendliest dogs occasionally experience anxiety when they’re forced to share their homes with unfamiliar faces. New sounds, smells, and sights can take a toll on your dog’s comfort and emotional stability.
If your pup is generally pretty friendly and sociable, it might help to allow him or her to greet your guests at the door with you. Make sure your guests know the ground rules for how to interact with your pet and pay attention to any cues that your pup might need a break from entertaining. Even the most gracious hosts need a minute for themselves, so creating a quiet sanctuary away from the action might come in handy for your dog to retreat to while she regroups.
Help your dog get a leg up on entertaining with a few of our favorite calming products!

Calming Essential Oils:

Scent is an often-overlooked environmental factor that can influence your pup’s well-being. Because of their concentrated nature, some essential oils can easily overpower your dog’s sensitive nose, but our essential oil line is formulated specifically for pets to take the guesswork out of their use for you. SERENE PET is a favorite among pet owners. It blends lavender and valerian for an effective calming scent you can apply topically to your dog.

NEW HOME is another great essential oil to try. It’s a unique frankincense blend designed to help your pup adjust to new situations- like suddenly having to share their favorite spot on the couch with great aunt Ida.ball season, the options are endless!

Calming Collars:

Our Calming Collars are made with the same high-quality blend of essential oils proven to aid in relaxation and promote calming for your pet. The natural blend of essential oils is safe and effective for calming your pet and can be used for any type of stressful situation. We also offer Calming Disks which can be attached to your pet’s current collar or used with any of our recovery collars.

Avoid a dinner time disaster:

The delicious smells that have been wafting out of the kitchen for hours can mean only one thing: your dog has had plenty of time to plan its mealtime strategy. Fido has camped out conveniently near the children’s table, knowing his odds of finding a table scrap or two are nearly double there what they would be elsewhere. Everyone knows not to feed the dog from the table, but sometimes accidents happen. Sure, a heaping plate of holiday food might make your dog grateful in the moment, but we all know what comes next.

Thanksgiving tummy troubles:

Sometimes, despite the best of our efforts, our pup snag a tasty morsel off of the floor or an unattended plate. Don’t let a curious snout and aching belly ruin your pup’s Thanksgiving. Our TUMMY essential oil is formulated to provide quick relief for upset stomach and digestive upset.

Calming Treats:

Sure, it’s no turkey dinner, but Recovery Aid Calming Soft Chews can make your dog’s normal dinner feel a little more special. They’re not just tasty, they’re also a calming aid. Formulated with L-tryptophan, chamomile, and thiamine, this supplement helps support and soothe, promoting relaxation and calm.
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and enjoy time with the ones you love the most. Visit our website to check out our complete line of calming pet products that will keep your pup happy this paw-liday season!

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