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That recovery collar was so useful a few months ago, but now that your pet is back to 100%, it’s sitting in the closet collecting dust. Clear out some space and give that e-Collar a new life!


Sadly, there are animals in need everywhere. From shelters to veterinary clinics, there are many locations that would be happy to have your pet’s gently used recovery collar. Sometimes shelters receive pets who are in dire need of medical attention. Your donated items can help make another pet’s recovery a little better.


If you’re the crafty type, there are plenty of ways to reuse an old recovery collar!


Did your pet hate their cone of shame? No? Why not turn it into a fun costume?! We know Howl-oween is over, but the costume ideas that come along with an E-Collar can be adaptable for any season. From adding “olives” to make a pup-tini to a cardboard backboard and net to celebrate basketball season, the options are endless!

Household uses:

Old recovery collars lend themselves especially well to household applications. Its large funnel shape makes it perfect for transferring materials from larger containers to smaller ones. You can also use it to protect plants or flowers from neighborhood pests by covering them with an old cone- the opening at the top will still allow water and light to get in while keeping squirrels and rabbits out! Larger cones can also be used at the base of your Christmas tree to keep pets from getting into the tree water or scratching at the bark.

Visit our website to see some of the most comfortable and reliable recovery collars available. Your pet will thank you!

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