Your Pet Will Love This Comfy Alternative to the Cone of Shame | The Inflatable Collar

All About the Inflatable E Collar

There are a variety of recovery collars on the market designed with your pet’s healing process in mind, but not all are created equally. The most common recovery collar is the traditional plastic e-collar, but today there are a couple of other great options worth exploring, one of which is an inflatable collar. Although their shape is reminiscent of a doughnut or a travel neck pillow, these inflatable cones provide serious comfort and protection. Keep reading to find out if an inflatable collar is the correct choice for your pet.

Is an Inflatable Collar the Right Recovery Collar for Your Pet?

How does the Inflatable Collar Work?

Like classic e-collars and fabric e-collars, inflatable recovery collars work by limiting your pet’s access to their bodies. Rather than using a projected cone shape to create a barrier between your pet’s face and the rest of their body, the inflatable collar restricts their ability to reach wounds on their upper body.

Pros and Cons of the Inflatable Pet Collar

Pros of the Inflatable Collar:

  • The inflatable e-collar is extremely lightweight.
  • Peripheral vision is not limited when using an inflatable e-collar.
  • Inflatable e-collars are more comfortable than regular e-collars.
  • Dogs can eat, drink, and move freely while wearing an inflatable dog collar.
  • The inflatable dog collar is an excellent choice for Brachycephalic (short-nosed) dogs.
  • These collars provide ample protection for most wounds and rashes.

Cons of the Inflatable E Collar:

  • Inflatable e-collars do not provide sufficient protection for wounds on the lower body.
  • They also do not provide sufficient protection from scratching wounds on the head.

When to Choose an Inflatable Pet Collar

An inflatable collar is an excellent choice if your pet’s injury or wound is on the upper half of their body. If your pet isn’t especially intent on accessing their wound, an inflatable collar may be sufficient. Additionally, if your pet is already a few days into their recovery, you may find that you can switch from an e-collar to an inflatable collar.

How to Use an Inflatable Collar

To use, simply insert your pet’s regular collar through the loops on the inner ring of the collar and inflate. Secure your pet’s regular collar as you normally would. Inflatable collars can be worn while sleeping, eating, drinking, and crating!

What Makes the Calm Paws Calming Inflatable E Collar Different?

Our Calm Paws Calming Inflatable Collar was made to be used with our calming disks! The outer fabric is soft but durable. The calming disk attaches to your pet’s regular collar and uses essential oils to promote calm and relaxation throughout the recovery process. Visit our website to check out our complete line of calming pet products and help your pet’s recovery go a smoothly as possible!

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