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Introducing the Recovery Boot

Paw wounds are nothing to sniff at! When your pet suffers an injury to its paw, their overall quality of life can take a hit. Our dogs and cats encounter so much of the world through their paws, but if an injury is holding them back they’re not able to fully enjoy their daily routines. The Recovery Boot can take some of the pain out of the recovery process and reduce the risk of re-injury, helping your pet get back on his or her feet quickly.

The Recovery Boot

The scratching, licking, chewing… it’s all part of your pet’s natural response to an injury. Unfortunately, that response can impede the recovery process. Enter the Recovery Boot! The Recovery Boot was designed to protect paw injuries and encourage healing. Lined with a soft layer of Microban, the powerful antimicrobial fabric protects from infection while also adding padding, making the Recovery Boot comfortable and sanitary. The breathable fabric prevents moisture build-up and allows wounds to breathe and heal. The anti-slip flexible base pad provides durable protection from rough surfaces while the flexible outer fabric is strong enough to be protective and supportive, but flexible enough for daily comfort.

How to use a Recovery Boot

Our pets’ paws can meet a whole host of potential hazards, so we created the Recovery Boot with that in mind. The Recovery Boot can be used for most paw injuries including cuts, abrasions, bites, and even hot spots. The Recovery Boot can be worn on walks, at the park, or even around the house. As always, we encourage you to consult your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s injury or their use of the Recovery Boot.

How to fit a Recovery Boot

Whether you’ve got a chihuahua or a St. Bernard, the Recovery boot was designed with their comfort in mind. Available in five paw sizes ranging from XS to XL, we wanted to deliver a comfortable and supportive fit for all. Simply slip the boot on, secure it with the wrap-around Velcro security strap, and go! Your pet can go about their daily routine in comfort and you can rest easy knowing their wound is protected and on its way to recovery.

Recovery Boots are available on Amazon and Chewy (link here). You can learn more about the Recovery Boot and our other pet essentials at We’re proud to offer a complete line of pet-friendly essential oils and top-of-the-line recovery gear for your favorite furry companions.

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