3 Pros that Make Fabric E-Collars the Obvious Choice for Your Pet’s Recovery

When your pet has a wound or undergoes a procedure, their recovery period can be a difficult time for both of you. Their instinct is to scratch, bite, and lick their wounds, and unlike humans, they can’t be convinced to fight those urges. Enter the recovery collar!
There are a variety of recovery collars, often called the cone of shame, on the market. These recovery collars are designed to help your pet’s healing process go as smoothly as possible. A traditional plastic e-collar is probably the first image that comes to mind. Today, there some great cat and dog recovery collar options that protect pets without compromising comfort – such as a fabric e-collar! Are you wondering if a fabric e-collar is the right choice for your pet’s recovery? Keep reading to find out!

All About the Fabric E Collars

How do Fabric E-Collars Work?

Fabric e-collars fit similarly to the classic e collar for dogs and cats, attaching around the neck and flaring out at the top!
Like classic e-collars, the soft cone of shame shields your pet’s face and provides a barrier between their mouths and their bodies. However, the flexibility and softness of the fabric allow your pet to move around with ease and fit inside their kennel or crate if necessary!

Pros and Cons of Fabric E-Collars

Pros of a Fabric E-Collar:

  • Fabric e-collars are lightweight and soft.
  • Fabric e-collars are more comfortable than plastic e-collars.
  • Designed to be flexible, fabric e-collars allow pets to easily eat and drink.

Cons of a Fabric E-Collar:

  • Sneaky pets can maneuver around them and reach their wounds.
  • Fabric e-collars can sometimes obstruct peripheral vision.

When to Choose a Fabric E-Collar

A fabric e-collar is a great choice for a recovering pet when you want to protect their wound without sacrificing their comfort! If your pet isn’t a tenacious chewer or overly concerned with reaching their wound, a fabric e-collar will provide sufficient protection.
If you find that you need the protection of a plastic e-collar for dogs or cats at the beginning of your pet’s recovery, you may be able to switch to a fabric e-collar after a few days of healing!

How to Use a Fabric E-Collar:

Fabric e-collars are fairly simple to use!
Most fabric e-collars come equipped with Velcro fasteners that allow you to adjust the collar size to comfortably and safely fit your pet. Fabric e-collars can be worn during eating, drinking, sleeping, and crating.

What Makes the Calm Paws Caring Collar Different than Other Fabric E-Collars?

Built with your pet’s comfort in mind, our Calm Paws Caring Collar was made to be used with our calming disks! The built-in pocket holds one calming disk, infused with natural essential oils to help soothe and calm your pet. The soft sides won’t inhibit your pet’s mobility, and we intentionally designed it with soft material and calming colors to provide a comfortable and cozy experience. Visit our website to check out our complete line of calming pet products and help your pet’s recovery go a smoothly as possible!

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