Everything You Need to Know About the Cone of Shame | The Elizabethan Collar

Everything You Need to Know About the Cone of Shame | The Elizabethan Collar

Which Recovery Collar is Right for Your Pet: All About the Classic E Collar

We know it’s always difficult to see your beloved companion uncomfortable or in any pain, but the best thing you can do following an injury or procedure is to help them through their recovery process. Part of helping them through the recovery process includes selecting the proper recovery collar. With so many e collars on the market to choose from, it is a good idea to take an in-depth look at the most common types of recovery collars before making your selection!
When you think about recovery collars, one term that probably comes to mind first is the “cone of shame,” formally known as an e collar, short for Elizabethan collar! There are many jokes about classic e collars, but if you’ve ever had a pet that needs to wear one, you know it’s no laughing matter at all. E collars serve as a very functional and reliable aid for recovery used by thousands of pets across the globe every day! Keep reading to learn more about when to get an e collar for your pet and how to properly use one.

Which Recovery Collar is Right for Your Pet: All About the Classic E Collar

What is an E Collar?

E collars, lovingly called the cone of shame, attach to your pet’s regular collar, or by threading a ribbon or string through the slots to tie around your pet’s neck. These collars work by shielding your pet’s face and preventing them from reaching wounds on their bodies with their mouths. Some e collars are made with clear plastic sides to avoid blocking your pet’s peripheral vision!
** It should be noted that e collars should be used with supervision to prevent injury. **

Pros and Cons of the Classic E Collar:

Pros of an E collar:

  • Classic e collars are both lightweight and sturdy.
  • This type of e collar provides full coverage to wounds on the body and head.
  • The classic e collar is often the most affordable recovery collar.

Cons of an E collar:

  • The classic e collar can be uncomfortable for pets.
  • Sneaky pets may be able to remove the collar.
  • Accessing food and water may be a bit tricky for pets.
  • Some pets may find it difficult to get around.
  • A few breeds of pets are still able to reach wounds on their front legs or the back half of their bodies.

When to Choose an E Collar

There are a few situations in which an e collar for dogs or cats is hands down the best choice. If your pet has a head wound, a traditional e collar will provide the best protection from scratching or rubbing! Some pets are especially determined when it comes to scratching, licking, or biting during recovery. A classic e collar is simply the best option for protecting wounds and preventing any post-surgery accidents. If you’ve got a tenacious chewer, licker, or a biter, a traditional e collar might be the best option to help your pet heal!

How to Use an E Collar:

To use an e collar, you can simply thread your pet’s regular collar through the oblong slots around the inner ring of the collar. If your pet’s collar is too wide to fit through the slots, you can use a durable ribbon or cord. It’s important to supervise your pet while they’re wearing their e collar to prevent accident or injury. You might notice your pet has trouble getting around or accessing their food and water. Because of this, you’ll need to plan for some “off-time” from the collar.

What Makes the Calm Paws Calming E Collar Different?

Our Calm Paws Calming E Collar works like regular e collars, but is intended for use with our calming disks! The built-in pocket holds one calming disk, infused with natural essential oils to help soothe and calm your pet. Plus, the translucent sides won’t inhibit your pet’s peripheral vision, and the blue color has even been shown to help your pet remain calm and relax. Visit our website to check out our complete line of calming pet products and help your pet’s recovery go a smoothly as possible!

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